JRK stand firmly committed to their Quality Policy :- "We are committed to providing continuously improving product quality and service for the satisfaction of our customers." This mantra is ingrained into every employee of the company and focus constantly brought to bear upon the customer's needs and their satisfaction. The company believes that its best assets are its people and plans to bring out the best in each person. At the core of the manufacturing programme is the strong emphasis on product and manufacturing engineering. Specifications are analyzed and process designed to the permit operations well within the Specified tolerances. Good test facilities are provided and external Lab sources used for corroboration of results. Where gaps in information or skills are identified, the Directors are quick to close them by providing requisite inputs of management or technical skills through external sources if necessary.

The Quality policy is translated into concrete objectives aimed at :-

  • Planning all processes
  • Arranging inputs and executing each process as planned.
  • Checking on the results, analyzing them and reviewing them at top management level.
  • Carrying out Corrective and Preventive Actions