JRK INDUSTRIES (PVT.) LTD. have set up a sophisticated plant with state-of-the-art machinery and inspection systems, which start with monitoring the inputs to the plant. Low carbon steel Wire rods and coils are obtained directly from the Vishakhapattnam Steel Plant and zinc for galvanizing from Hindustan zinc Ltd - both the apex manufacturers in their fields. All other inputs are similarly procured and subjected to an Incoming Inspection System, before being taken into the manufacturing plant.

As shown in the photographs, operations start with Pickling of the wire rod coils which are then suitably treated before passing into the Wire Drawing Plant. Sophisticated electronic controls on main drive motors permit fine speed control which is the essence of each process. After repeated draws to obtain close tolerances on the desired size, the wire is sent to the Flattening Mill, when required, and then into the Annealing Plant. After annealing, the wire is taken to the Galvanizing Plant, followed by final finishing operations to ensure controlled coating thickness and surface finish.

Each finished coil is inspected before being cleared for packaging and dispatch.

The Quality Management System ensures that all processes are proven reliable statistically and inspection points are strategically planned to detect any non-conformity at its origin. This is backed up by ongoing effort at continuous improvement, through a system of Internal Quality Audits and Management Reviews.